DeadEndia Plush Toys

Image of DeadEndia Plush Toys

You have your choice of Courtney, Pugsley, or both together.

Both are made of soft minky fabric with embroidered face details, Courtney stands at 20cm or 8 inches tall, while Pugsley is slightly smaller so the two of them are to scale with each other, but are both the perfect size for hugging or causing trouble on/guarding your desk..

Additional details include a wire in Courtney's tail for posability, hollow horns with interfacing inside to help keep their shape, and clothing that's made separately from the main body. While Pugsley has his signature "little good boy hat" with an embroidered tassel and his tail is sewn into cute curled shape

Note that this plush was made with older fans in mind and has not been safety tested for younger children.